The first thing I want to say is thank you. Thank you to the nine of you who have provided us fans with so much love, laughter, and happiness. I know it must be difficult, being the nation’s girl group and having all this pressure on your shoulders, but the most important part is you never gave up. Thank you for your strength. It’s been a wonderful 7 years, and I hope to keep seeing SNSD flourish for the next years to come. #9irlsGenera7ion #Unbreakable



"Thank you so much to the staff that took nine average girls and turned them into So Nyeo Shi Dae." - Kwon Yuri

Here are some crying moments of Park Bom.
After this „diss” track, I thought it was necessary to show them some people.I am sick of this cruel hate.

Park Bom is a human.
She has ears to her this nasty rumors.
She has eyes to see all this hateful comments.
And She has a heart to be hurted by them and feel the pain.

Stay Strong .. … Please.


girls’ generation being the lil baddies that they are

(some) sm artist debut stages

( ^3^)♡



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